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Here at SHEQ Aspen-Thorn, we realise companies come in all shapes and sizes – and so does the work they bid for. We are experts in supporting and preparing all aspects of your bids in relation to safety, health, environment and quality.

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We work with many clients across a wide range of sectors to assist in bid support; we never apply a one-size-fits-all approach. All the responses we provide for our clients are written from the bottom up.


We do this to help you craft a persuasive, compelling narrative which showcases your business and highlights its key differentiators. We’ll never use copy and paste or generic text – all our support will be tailored to you.

Whether you’re a multinational company bidding into the private sector, or an owner-managed business applying for a local government contract, we’re here to support your ambitions.

Regardless of size, we can help improve your chances of winning a tender by ensuring your safety, health, environment and quality capabilities are showcased and communicated correctly and compellingly.

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