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With Intelligent Finger printing’s innovative technology, simple, reliable drug testing is at your fingertips. The technology that we can offer is fully UKAS accredited, easy to use and not intrusive - giving you complete access to simple, discreet testing in-house.

How it works:

Intelligent Finger printing’s innovative technology collects and analyses the minute traces of sweat found in fingerprints to detect drugs and drug metabolites (chemicals produced and excreted by the body as a result of normal metabolic processes). Fingerprint drug testing is a simple, hygienic and non-invasive end-to-end solution.

With sample collection in seconds and results in minutes, this technology is ideal whenever a fast and convenient method of testing is needed. Should the screening test provide a non-negative result, further fingerprint samples can be collected for laboratory analysis using our confirmation test service.

Drug and Alcohol.jpeg

Breath Alcohol Testing

Intelligent Fingerprinting provides you with the Intoximeter for your drug and alcohol testing – a lightweight, accurate and economical solution for quantifying breath alcohol content. Its simple operation and accurate readings have made it one of the most popular alcohol breath testers in the world.

The Intoximeter can be used by blowing into the machine through a mouthpiece, as well as for testing liquids and unconscious subjects using a special cup in place of the usual mouthpiece. A printer accessory is also available, enabling test results to be printed quickly and easily.


Safer testing with the TestSafe Mouthpiece

Intelligent Fingerprinting can also provide customers with the Intoximeter TestSafe Mouthpiece, which provides a safer way to carry out breath alcohol tests. This simply attaches to the end of the regular mouthpiece, and filters the breath sample to reduce the expulsion of particles in the donor’s breath.

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