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Understanding why incidents happen at work is essential to preventing similar events in the future. When a safety incident happens, however minor, it is an opportunity to learn more about the efficiency of safety measures, employ necessary training and improve company culture while protecting people and property.


SHEQ Aspen-Thorn consultants help you understand the causes of safety incidents, giving you the knowledge and tools to prevent future accidents and keep people safe.

A well-managed, thorough investigation makes the most of this opportunity. Our detailed, expert review of incidents provides you with important data, helps you to comply with legal obligations, and allows you to demonstrate a strong commitment to a good health and safety culture.

Our consultants can provide valuable insights and concrete guidance in the aftermath of a workplace incident. From securing and assessing the scene and data collection to accident analysis, root-cause identification and recommendations, we will be at your side to bring clarity to a complex situation.


Our approach:

Following an incident, immediately after first-aid or medical care has been administered and the appropriate people have been notified, the investigation begins. When investigating safety incidents, our focus is on finding immediate and root causes that can be remedied to prevent future occurrences.

Your benefits:

  • Access to third-party expertise in incident investigation

  • Compliance with legal responsibilities

  • Discover the root cause of problems and gain support in addressing contributing factors

  • Assistance with RIDDOR reporting

  • Expert witness assistance

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