At SHEQ Aspen-Thorn, we assess and implement risk and safe systems of work to ensure your business stays compliant.


Our approach:

  • Provide you with a legally compliant risk assessment, easy to understand and follow, empowering everyone to have a clear understanding of risk in your business

  • Use a simple traffic light colour-coding system to clearly define the potential risks to people and your business

  • Identify and describe the risk to each area of your business

  • Help you produce an action plan of how to manage these risks and keep everyone safer

We offer the following plans, tailored to suit your business requirements and budget:

  • Business safety advice – Our experts will be on hand to provide advice to keep your business compliant with safety standards, whilst also giving you access to competent advice and basic health and safety documents

  • RAMS – Risk Assessment Method Statements – Our risk assessments are always bespoke to the individual business, to offer you maximum relevance and maximum protection against risk

  • Competent person services – You will have access to our competent person services and expert advice, along with a fully branded health and safety management system

Risk Assessment.jpeg