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At SHEQ Aspen-Thorn, we know how to develop the strategic direction needed to help your business thrive. With our support, your leadership team can build and refresh your vision for success.


We work with senior management to devise a business SHEQ strategy and transform your health and safety culture and behaviour. As well as helping you set your company strategy, we can help you communicate your health and safety vision and practices to all, ensuring the benefit to your team is fully implemented and understood.

We can:

  • Analyse your current approach, highlighting what’s going well and where the gaps and opportunities lie

  • Work with you to create a new strategic plan to refresh and solidify your vision 

  • Provide an action plan to ensure your strategy is understood by all and can be put into practice long-term

  • Provide management reviews, supporting your managers to lead and implement strategic change

  • Help you set targets to keep your strategy on track

  • Give monthly presentations focusing on standards and governance

  • Help you establish a working environment which drives cultural change and community responsibility

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