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Below are our selection of courses related to the construction industry and the skills required to work in this sector.

Abrasive Wheels.jpeg


This course is aimed at anyone who uses abrasive wheels, or employs people who use abrasive wheels as part of their work.

Duration: 100 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Asbestos Awareness.jpeg


The course informs you about the risks of working with asbestos, plus legislation and recognising risks.

Duration: 65 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Asbestos Architects.jpeg

Asbestos Awareness for
Architects and Designers

This course is a variation on the Asbestos Awareness course that contains specific information for designers and architects.

Duration: 75 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

CDM Awareness.jpeg


This course covers the core concepts of the regulations, various roles and key documents that are required for a construction project.

Duration: 40 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)


Control of Substances
Hazardous to Health

(COSHH) This course is aimed at anyone exposed to Substances Hazardous to Health at work.

Duration: 125 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)


Covid-19 Safe

Risks of Covid-19 virus and actions to be taken by employers and employees to protect themselves.

Duration: 30 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Electrical Safety.jpeg


Basics of electrical work, plus risks and hazards and how to help someone post electric shock.

Duration: 45 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

First Aid at Work.jpeg

Emergency First Aid at

Online annual refresher course covers most common situations and actions that you can take to help.

Duration: 150 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Fire Extinguisher.jpeg


Learn to identify different types of fire extinguishers in your workplace and situations they are used in.

Duration: 25 mins

Cost: £21 (ex VAT)

Fire Marshal.jpeg


This training course provides you with the knowledge to carry out the functions of a fire marshal.

Duration: 220 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Risk Assessment.jpeg

Introduction to Risk

This course covers what a risk assessment is, identifying risks and how to complete an assesment.

Duration: 90 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Noise Awareness.jpeg


Covers how dangerous noise can be in the workplace, and the main safety issues to be aware of.

Duration: 55 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Preparation CITB Test.jpeg

Preparation for CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test

For candidates who have completed their Level 1 H&S in a Construction Environment course in preparation for touch screen test.

Duration: 120 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Project Management.jpeg


This course covers the basic principles of project management and some tools and techniques to improve your skills.

Duration: 90 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Slips Trips Falls.jpeg

Slips, Trips
and Falls

This course covers some statistics relating to slips, trips and falls and actions to reduce the risk of these.

Duration: 60 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Working at Height.jpeg

Working at

Aimed at people who undertake work at height, or who employ those who regularly work at height.

Duration: 105 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Working Confined Spaces.jpeg

Working in
Confined Spaces

What constitutes a confined space, potential hazards, safe operating, and emergency and rescue.

Duration: 25 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Working Health Safety_edited.jpg

Workplace Health and

Understanding of health and safety legislation, identify causes of accidents and action plans.

Duration: 45 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

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