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New COVID-19 field hospitals constructed

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Last week our team had the privilege of visiting two of the three Field hospitals being set up in North Wales to provide 850 beds for COVID-19 patients. There are field hospitals being constructed all over the UK.

The team visited the Sites at Bangor University, converting a sports science facility into specialist wards of c.250 ICU beds and Deeside Leisure Centre, converting an ice rink, skate park facility into specialist wards of c.250 ICU beds. With the 3rd facility at Venue Cymru in Llandudno providing 350. The hospitals have been renamed after the rainbow symbol of hope which has become synonymous with the region’s response to the outbreak of COVID-19.

We were there on behalf of one of our clients to provide safety critical asbestos awareness training to operatives entering high risk asbestos areas, risk assessment and specialist inspection support.

The conversion of these venues into fully operational ICU facilities is being done over a period of approximately 14-21 days which is just mind blowing. All of the specialist contractors involved are working round the clock to ensure they meet the challenging deadlines.

These facilities will create the additional capacity needed alongside freeing up capacity in the regions acute hospitals and help patients who have received treatment to recover in order to return home.

In this time of uncertainty and personal challenge we need to look at achievements like this and recognise the hard work, commitment, and courage of all those involved - we shall forever be in their debt.

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