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Below are our selection of courses related to all aspects of general human resources, in all industries.

Assessing Display Screen Equipment.jpeg

Assessing Display
Screen Equipment

This course is aimed at companies who employ users of display screen equipment to ensure correct use.

Duration: 110 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Conflict Resolution.jpeg

Conflict Resolution in
the Workplace

This course starts by explaining what constitutes conflict and some of the most common causes.

Duration: 45 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Customer Service.jpeg


This course explains customer service, and why it's so vital and then covers ways you can improve your business' customer service.

Duration: 75 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Cyber Security.jpeg


This course explains why cyber attacks and data breaches happen and provides practical advice on how to set up effective defences.

Duration: 25 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Developing Good Employee Relations.jpeg

Developing Good Employee

This course covers the many benefits good employee relations can bring to a business and how to build confidence in management.

Duration: 45 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Developing Teamwork.jpeg


This course explains what team working is and covers basic principles for putting together a team who will work well together.

Duration: 30 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Display Screen Equipment 2.jpeg

Display Screen Equipment

This course is aimed at users of display screen equipment, or DSE as it's known, in the workplace.

Duration: 50 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Equality Diversity Discrimination.jpeg

Equality, Diversity and

This course covers how to identify and address issues of unfairness and discrimination in the workplace.

Duration: 70 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Intro GDPR.jpeg


An introduction to the main elements of GDPR, including compliance and the consequences of non-compliance.

Duration: 60 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Intro Emotional Intelligence.jpeg

Introduction to
Emotional Intelligence

This course will introduce the concept of emotional intelligence and look at how you can use it in effective and meaningful ways. 

Duration: 50 mins

Cost: £60 (ex VAT)

Leadership Skills.jpeg


This course introduces techniques and theories that can help to improve leadership skills and be more effective in your role.

Duration: 90 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Learning Disability Awareness.jpeg

Learning Disability

This course starts giving you an overview of some common types and causes of learning disabilities and how they affect people. 

Duration: 50 mins

Cost: £21 (ex VAT)

Managing Meetings.jpeg


The course starts with some basic definitions and statistics that outline how important running meetings effectively can be.

Duration: 60 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Managing Sickness Absence.jpeg

Managing Sickness
and Absence

This course will help you to understand the different types of absence and Identify ways of measuring absence.

Duration: 30 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Sexual Harassment Workplace.jpeg

Sexual Harassment
in the Workplace

This course defines sexual harassment and explains how protection comes from both employment law and criminal law.

Duration: 55 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Stress Management.jpeg


This course is introduction to stress and why it's a problem, some of the causes of stress and some ways to minimise the risk of stress.

Duration: 30 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

Time Management.jpeg


Designed to ensure you have techniques to improve your efficiency, output and ability to function more effectively 

Duration: 105 mins

Cost: £24 (ex VAT)

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